Whew!  The last few weeks have been so very busy for me. I am working at a second job which is just under 40 hours a week and, I have to admit, I forgot how stressful, interesting and just plain exhausting working a scheduled job can be. Yes, I was working just as hard when it was from home (because my shop is in our house). But, this is a very physically demanding job. I am running most of the day (which makes the time fly by) and I am having to learn a whole new store with literally thousands of items, many of which do not have a price tag or are sold by weight. But, I am happy and making more money than I ever have in my life. 

Now, you might be wondering why I took this job. Many are the reasons. But, foremost is the fact that my store, both online and in the physical location, has had a very long dry spell, financially. I can't rely on profit of any kind from it any longer. But, I am NOT CLOSING IT DOWN! 

I am, however, going to go strictly online by around the end of this year, with the option for local customers to pick up in person. Yep! If you are local, you can use coupon code 'LUCKYLOCAL7' and you won't have shipping added to your transaction. Then, you just leave me a note and let me know which evening you want to pick up. It's super easy! 


It's October! My favorite month and the beginning of my favorite time of year! The weather is steadily cooling off and I am ready to light the fire pit and roast some marshmallows, invite friends over and crack open a good beer. I can't wait until the temperature inside the house is around 65 (or cooler) and I can wear velvet and other heavy clothing. It makes me happy. 

A bit of good news is that we just finished our September birthday sale and it was a moderate success. Keep your eyes on my Facebook page for more sale events in the near future!! There is a BIG SALE coming up soon that you won't want to miss! 

Hopefully, I will be able to post another blog soon. But, I won't make any promises about when. 

Have a spooky week!