Welcome to the launch of my new website! If you have been following me, you know that I have moved my .com around during the past couple of years, trying to find a home for my online store that would allow me to list the items that I sell in the way that I would like them to be listed without too many restrictions. After cruising from GoDaddy to Big Cartel and researching others, I have found that Etsy Pattern is probably going to be my best bet. I mean, you can't just close up a store that more than 700 people have added to their favorites list! 

So, here I am. 

The last couple of weeks have been very busy and I have felt that I have been running and running to try to accomplish my short term goal of having this website all ready to go before the next billing cycle on Big Cartel (which was a great webhost, by the way). Voila! I did it, just yesterday afternoon! YAY!

All of my items were transferred to the new Pattern store at my own URL except one; a ritual Athame (a bone handled knife). It is against the website policy. But, that's okay. There is so much more to browse through! 

Here is the knife, just in case you were wondering. 

Pretty, yes?

Anyway, I want to say THANK YOU for all of the visitors that have taken a look at the new website in the past few days! Also, I would like to welcome and thank any new visitors; Welcome and Thank you!

Hopefully, I can make it a habit to blog here and let you know what is going on in my store and my life. 

Have a wonderful day!

Blessed Be!