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The Story of Red Raven's Cauldron

   Once upon a time, a young girl looked up into the night sky and discovered she had a profound fascination with the moon and stars. That little girl was me, JoBeth.
    It's true...When I was young, my father used to point out the star constellations and name them. I was too young to remember most of those names. But, that is where the first seed was planted that bloomed into a tree with many branches.
     The first thing I actively did on my Pagan path was to read all I could about Mythology. All kinds of mythology. Beneath the surface, I was becoming more interested in the supernatural and in the Gods. For a girl in first grade, I'd say that was pretty focused. 
     Science Fiction books and stories helped me understand much about life. They also readied me to read different sorts of books from all kinds of topics, fiction and non-fiction.
     When I was 16, I bought my first Tarot deck, The Thoth Tarot. Back then, you could still find the large deck that was incredibly difficult to shuffle. But, I loved the artwork and the teachings behind the divination tool.
     So, I began down my Pagan Path in earnest.  I dedicated myself to the Goddess and the Craft in November of 1983 (that tells you what an old bird I am). I found that I wanted to study everything I could on the subject. I was a sponge for knowledge. I also wanted to look the part and have all the tools and supplies that I felt I should use. Alas, they turned out to be expensive for a low income young woman like me. I had to plan and save for even things as small as a pentacle necklace. And, you know how it is, I had to have real silver (I still wear that same pentacle today). 
    So, fast forward to around the year 2003. This is when I opened my first store on Etsy under a different name. Back then, I was The Chaotic Creative (this name was very appropriate since I had several projects going on at any given moment - still do). I started making cloaks and jewelry for Pagans at rock bottom prices. The price for a cloak back then was only $25.00. It barely paid for the materials and didn't even come close to paying for the time I invested on each one. But, it made me happy because I could provide Pagans with something I could not afford to purchase when I as starting out on the Path. 
     Then, years later, I began to have trouble cutting out the cloaks; all the stretching and bending was taking a toll. After a few visits to the doctor and a slew of X-rays, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and degenerative Arthritis. OW! So, the cloaks were slowly phased out and I started making other things that did not require a three day recuperation period (no joke!).
     I still make jewelry, most of which is geared toward Pagans, Shamans, Druids, Magicians, Witches and those on similar Paths. I try to provide herbs, resin incense and other incense, unique magical tools and a whole bunch of other items at great prices, to make the Pagan life easier and more adventurous. I believe in quality over quantity and I believe that not all of us are the same (thank the Gods!). The uniqueness of each person, those things that make each person special and beautiful, deserves to be acknowledged. My way of acknowledging the myriad qualities of every visitor to my store is to create and provide many different quality items and to use items from suppliers that adhere to the same code. 
     So, pass the word along. Take some time to browse. Find out what the Muse has brought to me today and tomorrow. But, most of all, always celebrate the unique perfection that is YOU!

PS, The black cat in the pictures at the top of this page is my first familiar, Samantha, who was given to me at 6 months old. She was an incredible being who taught me the value of playfulness and a good purr. Sometimes, we visit each other in my dreams. 

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